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12-Month Northern California Home Maintenance Checklist©

Owning a home is big commitment, and it takes work to keep it in good shape. But the work shouldn't ever feel overwhelming.

To help, we've broken a year's worth of home maintenance into simple to-do lists that can be tackled in just a few hours each month.

By following AAA's checklist, you can ensure your home stays in tip-top shape all year round.


Our checklist gives you:

• A thorough list of maintenance tasks to keep your home running smoothly

• Safety priorities to help protect you and your family 

• Seasonal reminders for outdoor maintenance to guard against the elements

• A one-page, print-friendly summary of monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks 

• Tips on how to perform more complicated maintenance tasks yourself, plus guidance on when to call a professional

• Pro tips to save you time & money


Download the complimentary checklist and simplify homeownership today!